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Types of Togel Online Gambling Games

tajikistanweb – If you are still a beginner, then you want to try playing togel online gambling with a trusted lottery dealer site but don’t know the tricks, you have come to this site correctly. In this article, I will briefly explain about togel online bets and the types of bets you can play.

Basically, how to play togel online is actually not complicated, but you must first understand what lottery is. The lottery bet guesses the right number, so what you need to learn here is that the lottery has all the market options for guessing numbers.
For example, you want to buy a motorcycle, but you are given a choice of different motorcycle brands, such as Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and so on. Likewise lottery, lottery, of course, has different markets such as the Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong, Totojawa, Legiazpipools markets, and there are still many markets that you can play.

Effective Techniques for Playing Togel Online Gambling for Beginners

As previously discussed, in the lottery there are various types of togel online gambling markets. For example, like the Singapore, Sydney, Hong Kong markets that you have to choose from. In the togel online game, several choices are also given, namely as follows:
  • Free Plug
  • Toto Macau
  • Install Dragon
  • Install Sharp
  • Middle
  • Edge
  • Bigger / Smaller
  • Shio
  • Cross
  • Flower
  • Combination
It consists of 11 choices of togel online gambling games and of course for each choice/combination the way to play is the same, namely guessing numbers, but only variations are given so lottery players have several choices. Even though there are several more choices, of course, make sure the numbers are only four digits, namely the daily numbers that come out through the OLXTOTO site. What are the tricks for playing the lottery with the 12 choices above?

Types of Togel Online Gambling Games

1. 4D, 3D, 2D
4D means guessing 4 numbers correctly, 3D means guessing 3 numbers, 2D means guessing 2D numbers.
In short, for example now, usually the lottery numbers will come out, there are 4 numbers a day.
Let’s just say Indonesia day comes out with 3250.
4D: 3250
3D : 250
2D: 50
2. Free Plug (Plug Number 1)
Free plugs are known as the easiest way to play the lottery and are suitable for amateurs. You only need to guess 1 number out of 4 numbers that came out on the day you installed it, and the position of the number you installed can be anywhere.
For example, you enter the number 9, and the number for the day is 4913. Since there is a 9 among the numbers that came out for the day, you win.
3. Macau (Enter 2 Numbers)
Macau pairs these 2 numbers in a betting method that is almost the same as the free plug-in bet, but here you have to guess the 2 correct numbers so that the position can be anywhere.
For example, if you guess the numbers 5 and 6 today, and the lottery numbers that come out are 5678. You are declared the winner because the numbers 5 and 6 in the lottery that come out are 5678.
4. Dragon plug (3 digit plug)
Pairing a 3-digit dragon guess is the same as free and macau pairs, but here you have to guess the correct 3 numbers and their position can be anywhere.
For example, if you enter the number 123 today, the lottery output number that will come out is 4123. Then you win because the lottery output number contains the numbers 1 2 3, namely 4123.
5. Plug In
Before inserting plug-ins, you must first understand how to play plug-ins, such as US, KOP, HEAD, AND TAIL.
For example, if today’s lottery comes out 4782.
US position: 4
KO position: 7
Head Position: 8
Tail Position: 2
Well, once you understand division. How to play it like this example.
Example 1: You entered the number 7 in the KOP, and the lottery number that came out today is 4782. Then you succeeded because you predicted the number 7 in the KOP position.
Example 2: You enter the number 2 in the tail, and the lottery number that comes out today is 4782. Then you win because you guess the number 2 in the tail position.
Currently playing the togel online is not an easy thing, if you already understand how to play the lottery then you can immediately look for the best and most trusted togel online dealer site.