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Get New Member Bonus Up To 100% at Pialasport!

tajikistanweb – For you online gambling players, of course the first thing that is interesting to look for is the 100% new member bonus given by a trusted gambling site. Usually each site has a different bonus value, starting from 10% and some even up to 200%.

Casino Online Gambling Site with 100% New Member Bonus at IDN Live Casino Pialasport

First of all, for those of you who already know what IDN Live is and have played on the Pialasport site, you must already understand the rules that apply to this site. You need to know that Pialasport has been the choice of online casino gambling players for a long time.
With a very attractive site design and bonuses given to loyal customers and new customers, Pialasport is one of the best and most trusted gambling sites, having many advantages beyond the bonuses that will be given.
Together with trained and professional customer service that is also provided 24 hours a day, if there is something you don’t understand, the customer service that has been provided will explain your problem properly until you understand.
Not only that, apart from a new member bonus of 100%, Pialasport also provides a bonus of 10% every day.
You can get a 30% bonus provided by Trophysport with a minimum deposit of Rp. 100,000,-.
You can get a 10% bonus for every day after you make a deposit.
The maximum bonus given for this bonus is 100 thousand and by entering a deposit of only 1 million rupiah you can get this bonus.

New Member Bonus Up To 100%  With This Terms and Conditions

These are the Terms and Conditions up to 100% New Member Bonus:
– Minimum Deposit Rp. 100.000,-
– The maximum bonus given is Rp. 100.000,-
– How to get the 30% New Member Bonus You must confirm via Livechat Cupsport.
– This new member bonus cannot be combined with other bonuses.
– The IDNPoker game cannot be accessed while the bonus is in progress.
– Terms of withdrawal with bonus are: 5x Credits from Deposit + 30% Bonus
– If a member withdraws before reaching the requirements, we will withdraw the 30% bonus and give the rest
– The bonus is considered forfeited if there is a PARLAY bet, 1 X 2, CORRECT SCORE
– The bonus does not apply if there is the same IP Address data, Name and Account Number, Mobile Number, Email with other members.
– If it has been completed or has already made a bonus withdrawal, then it is invalid or we consider it forfeited.
That’s why IDN Live Pialasport is very different because it is realtime and live which makes old online gambling players feel very happy when playing on our list of official online casino gambling sites because there are lots of benefits that old members and new members can get.
So, for those of you who have read the brief explanation regarding the terms and conditions of getting the 30% new member bonus in the IDN Live game above and are interested in trying to play the games available on the online casino site, then please visit the IDN Casino Pialasport agent by clicking on the link provided. available in this article and accessible online or mobile.
Have a nice play!