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9 Types of Casino Roulette Online Bets, Try Playing Now!

tajikistanweb – In this era of ever-developing technology, you can play casino roulette through the official and trusted online live casino sites available on the Internet. Lots of servers offer online casino roulette games and one of them is the official judi online site and this server also provides various other types of casino games that are no less interesting and of course always provide abundant benefits to the players.

Previously, online casino roulette gambling games could only be played by aristocrats, because previously, to be able to play this casino roulette game, players had to provide large enough capital to make bets. Because of that, casino roulette games were called the classiest and most luxurious games in ancient times, and until now land casino roulette games provide roulette game tables with designs that are considered very luxurious and classy.

Rules for Playing Casino Roulette Online

In every online gambling game there are several different rules in it, one of which is the casino roulette game which has playing rules and various types of bets that online casino gambling players need to know before starting to play the game.
This casino roulette game originated in France and the setting of a roulette machine was invented in 1842. The rules for playing this live casino roulette game are divided into two types of areas, namely the outside betting area and the inside betting area. The inside betting area will be filled with numbers for each part, while the outside betting area will be filled with two different colors, namely red and black. When the game starts, the numbers will be randomized and arranged into 12 rows with 3 vertical columns and only after that you can place bets according to what you want.

Types of Live Casino Roulette Online Bet

In casino roulette online games there are several types of bets that you can play on the numbers straight up or by dividing the line between the numbers to be able to have a combination of numbers to bet on. The types of bets are as follows:
1. Live Betting
This bet is a bet where you only choose one number of your choice and the payout you will receive if you win is 35:1.
2. Split Bet
This bet is a bet on two numbers and the payout you will receive if you win is 17:1. You can also place your bet here by placing the chip you have so that it crosses the boundary between 2 numbers.
3. Line Bet/Street Bet
Placing a bet on a street bet or line bet is a bet by placing the chips you have on a vertical line. If you win it, the payout you can receive is 11:1.
4. Quad Bet/Corner Bet
You can place bets by placing the chips you have until they touch the 4 corners of the number you are betting on. The payout you can get when you win is 8:1.
5. Double Street Bet
A double street bet is a bet on 6 numbers by placing your chips on the line that separates the outside betting area and the inside betting area. The payout you will receive if you win is 5:1.
6. Basket Bet
This bet is a bet on 5 numbers, namely 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 and if you win, you will receive a payout of 6:1.
7. Dozens of Bets
The dozens bet is a bet on 12 consecutive numbers. You can place bets on the boxes marked 1-12, 13-24 and 25-36. If you choose this type of bet, the probability of winning is 2: 1 and if the number that appears is 0 or 00 then you can be sure you will lose.
8. Column Bet
A column bet is also a bet on 12 numbers, the difference between this bet and the Tens bet is the number in one of the 3 vertical columns that have been made at the bottom. The winning payout value that you can get on this bet is 2:1.
9. Outside Bets
This bet is one of the bets that are in the box around the number. Black, Red, Odd and Even betting is a form of betting by placing chips in a line arrangement.
Thus our discussion today regarding the types of bets contained in the online live casino roulette game that you can play on the official casino online site . Thank you for listening to this article to the end and see you in the next article which will discuss various other tips and tricks for playing roulette online! 😉